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Influx of Orthodox Jews in Lakewood Causing Growth, and Conflict (WNYC/NJ Spotlight) 06.16


Six-part series: Pre-K in New Jersey

1: Overview - 2: State-funded preschool - 3: Private preschool quality

4: Expanding public pre-K - 5: Head Start - 6: Debating pre-K expansion

(NJ Spotlight) 11-12.15


NJ long shots: Casino gambling to the north, sports betting statewide

(NJ Spotlight) 07.15


Feds call NJ-NY Gateway tunnel ‘most important rail project in U.S.’ 

(NJ Spotlight) 06.15


Democrat Barbara Buono accused of violating campaign-finance rules in her race against Gov. Christie

(NewsWorks/NJ Spotlight) 06.15  




Stranger Than Fiction (Distillations) Winter 2015

Illusion of Control: The search for a truth serum


Hard-headed man: The forgotten life of the scoundrel who created modern concrete (Distillations/Chemical Heritage) 07.15

The forgotten life of the scoundrel who created modern concrete


Being There and Being Able To (Medium) 09.14

Two men suffered painful losses that introduced them to a whole new world


Cool Food: The pleasures and pains of a new food fashion (Chemical Heritage) 07.14


NJ Spotlight


Christie says state-appointed ‘emergency manager’ possible for Atlantic City (NewsWorks/NJ Spotlight) 11.14  


Clear choice awaits GOP primary voters in 3rd congressional district 05.14


ACA reforms take owner-only firms into unfamiliar territory 04.14


Co-op insurer carves out unique niche in NJ’s ACA marketplace 03.14


Movie star’s demise underscores rising tide of opiate-related deaths 02.14


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The Times of Trenton


Princeton nonprofit selected as NJ medical marijuana grower 03.11


With wealth and values, investor founds school for needy 02.11


Hospital reversal: Trenton ER could stay open 01.11

Capital Health reconsiders fate of its Mercer facility


Magnet school attracts attention once again 10.10

Trenton may steer part of $7.6M toward idea


End of an era

Palmer reflects on 20 years leading Jersey’s capital city 06.10


Preserving pieces of history

A Trenton native son treasures its pottery 02.10


Defensive posture

Legal profession feels economic pain 12.09


Mercer Chrysler dealerships cope with loss 05.09


Despite risky market, deals await 04.09


Singing the mortgage blues

Hundreds of homes a month in Mercer enter foreclosure, with no end in sight 03.08


Philadelphia Weekly


Low-Power to the People

WPEB broadcasts again from West Philly 11.07


Taking Stock

Philly's Exchange is up for sale. Bet you didn't even know we had one. 10.07


Air Apparent

Is Wireless Philadelphia obsolete? 10.07


Ill Communication

Many early Wireless Philadelphia subscribers report weak signals 07.07


Hartford Advocate: Features


The Chinese Prisoner

Connecticut resident Dan Hong Liu has languished in federal immigration detention for close to three years, with no way out in sight 10.06


Just Don't Get Sick

Undocumented migrants in Connecticut are afraid that seeking health care will get them deported. And when they do get treated, it costs the state and the nation about $60 million a year. 09.06


Cooking in a Vacuum

Connecticut chefs experiment with a cutting-edge cooking technique, while health inspectors scratch their heads in wonder 07.06


Slaves and Masters

Could sex play that involves pain and submission be, for some, a path to liberation?  07.05


Mustache Manifesto

One man’s quiet and hairy protest against your assumptions about masculinity and grooming 12.05


You Down with the IUD?

A promising contraceptive method has begun its long-awaited resurgence. 09.05


Forbidden River

Did you know about the two-mile river under Hartford's streets? 08.05


Hartford Advocate: News


A Wireless City

Mayor Eddie Perez has an ambitious plan to make Hartford a free wireless technology zone 03.05


The Big Layoff

What will the impending four-digit job losses at Travelers mean for Hartford? 04.05


A Legislative Rat?

The politically prominent Koskoff family was saved from the embarrassment of a malpractice suit by a last-minute change in the law 08.05


Check’s in the Mail

For two years, Tom Ford has been trying to get a $113 tax refund from the city 11.06


The End of the First Act

Hartford's new wireless network is up and running. Now it's up to residents to create their own technological revolution. 11.06


Who You Know?

The Solaris Group's design for Plaza Mayor looks a lot like a rejected proposal by the Providian Group. Is it all about connections? 11.06


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DNA sampling added to felony sentences 11.03


Church hears calls for gay marriage foes 11.04